Pat Vivian Consulting

The heart of Pat’s work
The heart of Pat’s work is to help organizations heal from trauma and become healthy and sustainable entities. Her passion is to strengthen mission-driven groups that are working for positive change and social justice in society. 

Recently Pat’s work has taken her around the country to work with a variety of agencies and organizations. Some have been in the throes of trauma while others have suffered from persistent traumatizing dynamics. Workshops on organizational culture and trauma have given leaders new ways to make their agencies stronger.

Pat’s approach
Pat is known for her compassion, insight, honesty, and positive energy. Her gift of witnessing others’ experiences without judgment enables those in pain to trust her. Pat’s willingness to wade into situations fraught with conflict, hurt, and unresolved issues helps others to repair relationships and feel hope for the future. Pat builds enough safety and trust so that participants can share their experiences, challenge their assumptions, and try new ways of thinking and acting. She can see patterns in organizational life and describe them in clear and nonjudgmental ways. 

Developing others
For thirty years Pat taught graduate level courses, principally at Antioch University Seattle. She was known as a creative course designer - inventing courses such as Organizational Trauma and Healing, Personal Wellness in Organizational Systems, and Conflict Management - and a wise guide to her students. She now counts many graduates as trusted colleagues.

In 1995 with a group of colleagues she founded Community Consulting Partnership, a pro bono group providing team consultation to nonprofits. She continues to help guide this group and coach learner consultant teams. Pat has contributed decades of service to nonprofit boards, most recently serving eight years on Pride Foundation’s board of directors. 

More about Pat
Over the past 33 years Pat has consulted with community-based nonprofit organizations and government agencies in Washington State and state and national coalitions across the country. In addition to her focus on organizational trauma, Pat uses innovative approaches with clients in planning for the future and developing leaders. Extensive tenures in staff and volunteer leadership roles enable her to be both sensitive and pragmatic in her approach to organizational change efforts.

Pat earned her BA from Hunter College of the City University of New York (1968) and an MA in Psychology from Antioch University Seattle (1981).

Pat lives in Seattle with her partner and loves traveling in the US and internationally, especially when it involves birdwatching. Her family members have taught her the most important lessons of her life. Her family, which now includes two granddaughters, also sustains her optimism and joy. 

Pat finds beauty and relaxation in quilting, crocheting, and cooking. The bumper sticker on her family car says “Love people, cook them tasty food.”


Pat's recent clients

Jane Doe, Inc.
Georgia Coalition Against
   Domestic Violence
New Jersey Coalition
   for Battered Women
Utah Coalition Against
   Domestic Violence
Delaware Coalition Against
   Domestic Violence
Human Response Network
US Coast Guard, District 13
Cowlitz Indian Tribe
Korean Women’s Association
National Network to End
   Domestic Violence
Kansas Coalition Against
   Sexual and Domestic Violence
Contact Lifeline
La Esperanza
Washington State Coalition
   of Sexual Assault Programs
Safe Homes Rape Crisis Coalition
Out in Front
Stanley Ann Dunham Scholarship Fund
Shelter Inc

Quilt detail by Pat

Quilt detail by Pat

Our entire staff is talking about you and how wonderful you were yesterday. Everyone feels much better, and we have turned the corner from our free-floating fear. The atmosphere is lighter today. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your gift of time and empathy.
— Lynn Hawkins, Executive Director, Safe Homes Rape Crisis Coalition, South Carolina

 “Pat guides me with her knowledge, experience, and wisdom. Whenever I call her in crisis, her insights help me through my difficult moments. ” 
— MiYeoung Lee, Korean Women's Association, Tacoma, WA

Pat is a breath of fresh air. Her information on organizational trauma and healing was presented in a practical way. I can carry the concepts back and apply them my agency. I feel refreshed and encouraged.
— Valisa Meyer, Dodge City, Kansas