The heart of Pat’s work

Pat’s mission is to help organizations heal from trauma and create resilient and sustainable futures. Her efforts offer ways to overcome deep distrust in the system, repair relationships, and regain lost cohesion. Groups once again can see their path forward and feel optimism to move beyond their suffering, fear, and pain.


Pat’s approach

Love is the foundation for her consultation. Pat is known for her compassion, insight, honesty, and positive energy. Her willingness to wade into situations fraught with conflict, hurt, and unresolved issues helps others to experience someone caring deeply about their pain. Pat’s gift of witnessing others’ experiences without judgment enables them to trust her. She commits to accompanying an organization on its healing journey- staying with them until they can continue by themselves. Her commitment reinforces their renewed sense of hope for the future.

Pat’s work has taken her around the country to work with a variety of agencies and organizations: small grassroots groups, social justice organizations, anti-violence coalitions, national parks, and various government entities. Some have been in the throes of trauma, while others have suffered from persistent traumatizing dynamics.

Developing others

For thirty years Pat taught graduate level courses, principally at Antioch University Seattle. She was known as a creative course designer - inventing courses such as Organizational Trauma and Healing, Personal Wellness in Organizational Systems, and Conflict Management - and a wise guide to her students. She now counts many graduates as trusted colleagues.

Currently Pat regularly offers mentoring to colleagues who are building their practice of healing organizations; she is available to them when they feel stuck or uncertain or just in need of an outside perspective. She also offers staff in intermediary organizations, such as statewide coalitions, background coaching help when their staff face challenging trauma situations in their member organizations. In these ways, Pat stays true to her commitment to broadening capacity of practitioners to respond to trauma and help groups heal.

Paying forward in her community

In 1995 with a group of colleagues she founded Community Consulting Partnership, a pro bono group providing team consultation and executive coaching to nonprofits. She continues to help guide this group and mentor learner consultant teams. In 2018 she sparked CCP’s effort to offer pro bono coaching to executive directors throughout Washington State. In addition, she has personally provided hundreds of hours of pro bono consulting services to social justice nonprofits that serve traditionally marginalized groups. In particular Pat has focused her energy on helping organizations that support immigrant and refugee communities, communities of color, and the LGBTQ community. Pat has also contributed decades of service to nonprofit boards, most recently serving eight years on Pride Foundation’s board of directors. 

More about Pat

Pat earned her BA from Hunter College of the City University of New York (1968) and an MA in Psychology from Antioch University Seattle (1981).

Pat lives in Seattle with her partner and loves traveling in the US and internationally, especially when it involves birdwatching. Her son and daughter and their families, including three granddaughters, live close by. Her family members have taught her the most important lessons of her life and sustain her optimism and joy. 

Pat finds beauty and relaxation in quilting, crocheting, and cooking. She donates quilted and crocheted items to groups that provide comfort and support to others. The bumper sticker on her family car says “Love people, cook them tasty food.”


Recent clients

  • American Samoa Alliance Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

  • Grand Canyon National Park, Department of Interior

  • Innovations Human Trafficking Collaborative

  • International Affairs Program, Department of Interior

  • Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault

  • Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence

  • LGBTQ Allyship

  • New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault


  • Reach Out and Read Washington

  • Rural Resources, Washington State

  • Saving Grace

  • Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

  • Temple Beth Am

  • Turning Pointe

  • US Coast Guard, District 13, Department of Homeland Security

  • Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault

  • Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

  • Washington State Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs

“NNEDV has been fortunate to work with Pat Vivian many times over the years, on organizational trauma as well as identifying our “strengths and shadows.” She has been a tremendous asset in supporting coalitions struggling with change or trauma.”

— Kim A. Gandy, President and CEO, National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV)

“Our entire staff is talking about you and how wonderful you were yesterday. Everyone feels much better, and we have turned the corner from our free-floating fear. The atmosphere is lighter today. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your gift of time and empathy.”

— Lynn Hawkins, Executive Director, Safe Homes Rape Crisis Coalition, South Carolina

“Pat supported our team through a significant leadership transition and role changes in our group. She helped us integrate an understanding of how traumatic experiences in the workplace shape the systems, behaviors, and culture of the group and led us through a change process to create new ways of working together. Our time with Pat was incredibly valuable. Pat’s approach blended kindness and understanding with a push when we really needed it. She helped us learn new skills that guide how we work together each day and to see that we can conquer the challenges we face to create a great working environment for our team.”

— Jessica Mortensen MLIS, Executive Director, Reach Out and Read Washington State

“Pat brings an impressive array of knowledge, experience and qualifications to her work. What makes her consultation so effective is her ability to listen deeply and be keenly present to what is needed in any given moment, relationship or organizational challenge. She simplifies what seems confoundingly complicated, and adds nuance and new dimensions to what seems straightforward, always in service of healing, authentic connection, and organizational mission.”

— Chani Waterhouse, Director of Member Relations, Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence