Persistent Traumatization in Nonprofit Organizations 

By Pat Vivian and Shana Hormann 

“Nonprofits whose missions are to serve traumatized individuals, groups, or communities open themselves to the effects of trauma and traumatization. Mission-driven nonprofits that do not serve traumatized populations still may be at risk of traumatization for other reasons.” 

The woman ending harassment at the Grand Canyon

Annette McGivney
Aug 21, 2018

Healing Traumatized Organizations: Reflections from Practitioners 

By Pat Vivian, Kristin Cox, Shana Hormann, and Sarah Murphy-Kangas 

“Bearing witness and bringing healing to organizational trauma goes beyond supporting individuals by recognizing that entire systems can be both wounded and made whole. It is vital that the helper or consultant coming alongside these systems understands the context, practices good self-care, and regularly accesses their deeper purposes for helping.” 

Exploring Resilience: in the Face of Trauma

By Shana Hormann
Humanistic Management Journal. July 2018, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp 91–104.

Trauma and Healing in Organizations

By Pat Vivian and Shana Hormann

“Identification of organizational patterns helps to normalize workers’ experiences and reduces their individual sense of failure and isolation. By identifying both Strengths and Shadows, organizations can achieve a more balanced perspective and rekindle hope.”


example of completed strengths and shadows model

example of completed strengths and shadows model

Strengths and Shadows Model

The Strengths and Shadows Model offers one way for organization members collectively to see patterns and describe their culture. For personal or group use.

example of blank leadership development tool

example of blank leadership development tool

Leadership Development Tool