Shana Hormann Consulting

The Heart of Shana's Work
Shana is passionate about strengthening organizations and communities that have experienced trauma. She has over 30 years’ experience providing training and consultation for non-profit organizations, tribal communities, and government agencies.

Shana also coaches leaders for their own professional development and the development of their organizations. Her approach is grounded in her own extensive leadership experience, based on sound research and practical application of cutting-edge theory. 

Shana's Approach 
Shana is known for her compassion, insight, humor, and collaboration. She is a bridge builder and brings a calm and capable presence to conflicted and painful situations. 

Teaching, Research, Writing
Shana is an accomplished researcher, author, and presenter in the areas of family violence, indigenous empowerment, collaboration, and organizational trauma. 

She has taught undergraduate and graduate courses at Antioch University Seattle, the Muckleshoot Tribal College, and the University of Alaska. She has received several awards for promoting diversity and for her work with students. She now counts many graduates as trusted colleagues. 

More about Shana
Shana received a BA in Sociology and Master’s in Social Work from the University of Washington, and a PhD in Leadership and Change from Antioch University. She joined Antioch University Seattle as a faculty member in 2000 and accepted an appointment in 2008 as Associate Academic Dean and Dean of Students. 

Shana's heritage is German, Kainai/Blackfoot, English, and Scots. Her father was in the U.S. Army and her family lived in Germany for ten years prior to her graduating high school. She has strong heart connections for communities of color, especially Native communities, and for veterans and active military, based in her heritage and family life. 

Shana lives in Seattle and travels extensively to visit with family and friends around the world. She dances for energy, does needlepoint for beauty, and meditates for her spirit. Her CD, “Peace on Earth,” contains creative visualizations for meditation and relaxation. Shana's son is her greatest teacher. Her Mom says, "You grow up with your children;" she hopes to continue growing one day at a time. 

Shana's recent clients

US Coast Guard Base Seattle
Abused Women's Aid In Crisis (AWAIC)
Standing Together Against Rape  
Muckleshoot Tribal College
Catholic Children's Services
Human Response Network

Needlepoint detail by Shana

Needlepoint detail by Shana

Dr. Shana Hormann is a down-to-earth group facilitator. Shana creates a safe and inviting environment for groups to communicate and move forward in their work. She is adept at reading group members’ body language, listening to individual members, and holding multiple perceptions.
— Denise Bill, M.O.S.T. Program Manager Muckleshoot Tribal College