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Organizational trauma and traumatization may result from a single devastating event, from the effects of many deleterious events, or from the impact of cumulative trauma over time.

We have witnessed the harm and pain to organizations from traumatic events and from the insidious patterns of cumulative trauma. We have heard the poignant stories of individuals who blamed themselves because they and their organizations were devastated by events and patterns that they did not understand and could not control.

Are you concerned about your organization?

Perhaps you are a staff person who is experiencing dynamics that drain your energy and distract you from your work with clients and the community. Or perhaps you are a leader who is worried that past events continue to affect morale and everyday interactions.

Our intention is to help leaders and members to understand organizational identity, culture, trauma, and traumatization so they can use that information to heal their organizations and promote organizational health and resilience. We offer resources that will provide relief and hope to you as you think about your experiences, and also offer new ideas for how to strengthen the health and wellbeing of your organization.

Perhaps you are an outside supporter, consultant, funder, state coalition, or professional association. You see debilitating patterns inside agencies and groups yet feel confused and hesitant about ways to be of assistance. We share concepts and tools to help you understand dynamics you have identified and support you as you work with traumatized systems. 

We recognize that in any of these circumstances it is possible to become stuck in the dynamics and begin to feel helpless about how to speak about what is happening, lead your staff through tough times, or offer help as a caring outsider. We hope that our ideas, resources and assistance can bring you insight and hope!

“As I read Pat and Shana’s book I felt the work of twenty plus years of mission-driven advocacy coming into focus, as if a weight is lifting. Each page is a gift and a map for anyone called to serve in an organization addressing the challenging continuum of caring for individual and community needs. Take up this book and use it every day!”

— Ann Liske, Sexual Violence Prevention Advocate